Mineral Exploration

Identify a project’s most prospective areas by combining the power of artificial intelligence and human-driven geoscience.

Drill Targeting Redefined

Leverage the power of advanced algorithmic models to analyze and interpret complex geological datasets. 

Iterative Learning

Augment private and public data sets and human expertise with large language models and sophisticated machine learning classifiers.

Data-driven Decisions

Generate probabilistic 3D maps of the Earth's subsurface, aimed at pinpointing prospective mineral deposits.

Powerful Insights

Demystify complex geological concepts and enhance your investor pitches by integrating complex data analysis into stunning 3D visualizations.

Leverage Private and Public Data

Start with geophysical datasets (Gravity, IP, Magnetics, EM, MT), terrain models (Elevation Models), mapping points, structural measurements and analysis, geochemical datasets together with downhole data.

Empower your Exploration Team

Make informed, objective and unbiased decisions, uncover and prioritize drill targets with higher confidence and enhance the efficiency of exploration programs.

How it works

The more data you send us, the better trained the model. Expect initial results in as little as 3 weeks. Updates within hours. No more sitting around waiting!


Confirm Data Integrity

Transform, cleanse, compile, validate. Enhance model accuracy with better data quality.


Apply Analytical Rigor

Large language model transformer architectures + machine learning classification techniques = probabilistic representations of the Earth in three-dimensional space.


Build Transformative Visualizations

Simplified, fully interactive 3D presentations all stakeholders can understand. Backed by data rich models for import into geological modeling software.

Book a 45 minute meeting and we'll show you how it works.